Update 25.03.2012 neue Bilder




Update 18.03.2012

Myron hat es geschafft er ist heute nach Deutschland gekommen und hat ein tolles Zuhause gefunden. 




He is a hunting dog 9 years old and oh yes he has a family!!! The photos are from their back yard where they have placed him 9 years ago. Summer in the sun and winter in the cold. I was brought there by an old lady that used to feed him with her leftovers as his owners gave him a piece of bread every night and from the window. The dog was skin and bones, blood was coming from his nose. Since then I visite this house every day, feed him and put clear water, with permission of the owners of course. He lives for this moment. He is healthy apart from his front broken leg years ago that was never taken to a Vetenarian to be heald. Very gentle and nice with other dogs. You are wellcome to visite him with me any time.

Diese verzweifelte E-mail erreichte uns, und wir möchten Myron sehr gerne helfen endlich ein anderes Leben zu leben.

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